How to export your replay file to InShot?

Hi there, so I tried to export my replay file to InShot but for some reason it doesn’t let me!??? I wonder if anyone can help me with this! I have some pictures for you to look at! Thanks!:)
Device: IPad 5th generation
Operating system: IOS

Hello! Have you tried clicking “more”? (the 3 dots)

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Yes I have it just comes up with this!👇🏽

How to export your replys into the IF community is the real question.

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Not quite mate!

I’m TRYING to upload it to my editing app!

I wish you could just save to replay to photos and upload the video but you can’t, it’t annoying as hell

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Yeah it soooooooooooo annoying!:(

I know im saying you could save it to photos and then upload the video that way

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But I can’t!

Hold up i’ll get some photos to show you

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That’s the thing!

Ah ok thanks!

So you can’t save the video directly but you can do 1 of 3 things.

  1. You can message the video to your self, and save it photo from the messages app.

  2. You can screen record the replay and have it save straight to photos.
    (I recommend this because you can decide video lengths right then and there, if you’re editing in sections)

  3. You can save it to drive and then save it to photos from there

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No. The replay is not a video file.
For the same reason, you can’t import it to an editing app.

The only option is to screen record the content you want from the replay, and then edit.


So how do other people make Timelapse’s then? You tell me @schyllberg

I just did ;)


But the thing is the last time I did this my screen recording stopped!😪

No I mean there a actually way to have you’re phone screen record,
And then you just watch the replay as you screen record.

Screen recording. As a youtuber who makes timelapses, you screen record the replay and speed it up. I suggest going into solo mode and using the 5x flight time to speed things up :D

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