How To Export To Premiere Pro

Hi I want to start a new infinite flight YouTube channel and I’m wandering how you export it as a video from phone to laptop or do you have to screen record
Thanks Marcus

You have to screen record it. Your device simply sees a replay file as a binary file, so it can only be opened in the app itself.

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Do I then just export that video to the computer
Also should I set the hud and throttle and those things timeout earlier

Exporting video files depends on the device which you are using. What devices are you using (PC and the device in which you play IF) ?

Yes I think it should be ok because I have OneDrive (pc and iPhone 7)

Ok then you can transfer the recorded video from your iphone to the PC. Once the file has been transfered, you can open the file using Premiere Pro.

Thanks have a good day😊

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