How to expand Infinite Flight Community

Hello! 👋 So recently a while back, somehow when I got the community. I can’t remember, but it was expanded like a app and didn’t show the web url writer up top. I deleted it because it always lost a topic and I couldn’t go back, the website has been clogging up my safari (yes iOS). I want it back, anyone know how?
It looks like this

Photo Credit: Infinite Flight Team

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I am not sure really on ios, on Android for me I pressed ‘add to home screen’, maybe that would work for you?

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Yes. But when I click on it it takes me to the link.

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Are you talking about the discourse app?

Nope. It showed IFC

I believe not - he is asking for something like I have I believe?

There is a discorse app?

There is, but you do not have full interaction with IFC.

I can’t find it on IOS

It showed IFC Home. But with no Search Bar and it looked like an app

Actually, the discourse app offers the same interface as the website, but with a better GUI


I was mistaken then from what I have heard, apologies @Brayden_McNeal!


No problems at all!

And notifications which is the #1 feature for me.

As I’m not seeing it covered by a time else, there is another option covered by this community itself.
Go Settings on your web browser and select "add to home screen “if this is available on your browser” and it’ll add through that.
Theoretically speaking, as it did for me, it should take you from this:

To this:

Otherwise as literally every other person has suggested, the discourse app is your best bet!

Well, when I do that it just pulls me up to the link

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Is this what you’re looking for?

If it is, then it seems to be a feature exclusive to Google Chrome on android, where the Add to homescreen makes the website act as a standalone app, with its own icon in the app drawer, a separate entry in the app switcher and an app-like full-screen experience. You can read more about it here.

I have not found a possibility of replicating this feature on iOS, and since I don’t have assess to an iOS device I can’t go looking for a way to replicate it. If someone manages it, I’d be really happy to hear how the did it 😉


It happened to me too! I had so it would only open the webpage, and then I deleted it, and now it opens as a safari link!

Perhaps IOS 12?

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I know! I really want it back!

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