How to estimate fuel needed for my flight

I commented on a recent video and I got a reply:

However, when I am on the ground I am unable to see what my estimate flight time will be until I start flying and I am unable to change the fuel whilst flying. Could anyone help with this in explaining what to do.

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I would use fpltoif so you know how much fuel you need, no need to guess

Here are some good resources to use!


Start your engines, then you will be able.

There are plenty of options to calculate fuel/flight time. You could even simply visit FlightAware and find the route you’re flying to estimate a flight time.

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Typically our members use online resources to determine how long the flight is to properly gauge fuel. You can use FlightRadar 24, FlightAware, or one of the greatest resources which is created by our very own @Chris_S. Give one of those a shot and report back here if you need any further assistance.


At virtualBlue we use custom designed fleets in simbrief-we take the numbers from IF and input them into Simbrief, then merely change our Zero Fuel weight in simbrief when planning a flight. Each aircraft also has a performance or fuel factor-with the A320 being -15 perf, the E190 being -9(very ish) and the A321 being -26. Basically we put the pax and cargo we want to have onboard in IF, zero out the fuel and read off that number to input into Simbrief’s ZFW-it then spits out a fuel number which is accurate to between 0 and 800lb of fuel-pending we climb at the right VS and on speed to reach simbrief’s TOC waypoint. If you’d like a demonstration let me know

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Fill 'er up fly 'er fast.

You’re welcome.

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