How to escort

i was wondering if someone could tell me how secret someone like what the rules are.


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Rules wise, if you’re in a fighter in the expert server, you should follow some of the rules on fighter aircraft here:

Additionally, please, please make sure you’re escorting them with their consent. Not very many like people escorting them uninvited.


In general you don’t want to annoy the IFATC which may run the risk of you getting reported.

I would recommend using the “flight of” callsign to clear up any confusion if you want to escort.

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Don’t escort anyone without permission!!!

It is extremely annoying when someone flys through your plane on ES because they’re escorting you. Also don’t escort staff/mods because they may be doing something important

IFATC are just normal pilots when flying. You don’t have to be afraid when flying near them. They are also not perfect. Only IFATC supervisors have the power to ghost someone when they are flying by themselfs, and they will do this in very bad cases only.

Doesn’t take away the fact you should always behave nicely on Live, with and without ATC and with or without people flying near you.


Still nobody should escort without contacting the user

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yep, i’m referring especially to when in controlled airspace :)

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