how to enter these flightplans?

i mean xxxxn/xxxxw
how to enter?

You copy and paste it into here. To copy and paste simply just hold on the text,and when you reached the place where it finishes,press copy. The go into IF,then paste it onto there.


This is probably an already edited flight plan, but get into the habit of looking at the route in IF once you do as the above comment mentions. Sometimes a waypoint gets fat fingered and you’re all of a sudden flying rubber dog poop out of Hong Kong instead if your original destination.

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it doesen’t work

It isnt a waypoint like CATOD what you can press and add its a GPS Coordinate which can only be copied and paste in order to get it in your FPL

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I go to, select Simbrief option and make a fpl. I then copy the FPL and it is in.

You need to make a simbrief account though: it’s fast and easy to do. Just sign up at and you are all set!


You have to copy the whole text from the post AFTER the word route. Copy everything from KSFO to WSSS.

Then paste it all at once into the search bar and press ok.


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