How to enter NDB into flightplan via text format

Entering fixes and VORs seems pretty straight, but i can’t find how to enter NDBs into IF text flightplan

You can enter them via the map just as VORs and Fixes (or do you mean how you can enter them via a text format (the search bar))?

Jus tap as a fix or a VOR

Yes, via text format

I see. Not an expert regarding this one unfortunately…

if typing in the search bar, NDB’s are NAVAIDs, so it works pretty much the same as a VOR, just type the first 3 letters

Edit: For example, the NDB above is Chiltern, just type CHT and it will appear at the very bottom of the displayed results

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I was having problems with the 2 character long ones

Is it resolved, if not may elaborate a bit more?

I would say it is solved. Had some trouble with them in Samara, but was fine in Sochi

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The interface prioritizes Airports and airfields over the Navaids, so need to scroll down very much sometimes, just enter the correct letters and there you go!

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No, i mean it sometimes selects NDBs on the other side of the world when i enter a flightplan in search. I was just hoping theer is a more reliable option))

If hat happens you must go manual after filling the FPL and replace NDB, I understand it could be quite boring! :(

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