How to enjoy the promotion on Live?


You have to buy a subscription, either through the app or on their website.

Tienes que comprar una suscripción, ya sea a través de la aplicación o en su sitio web.

Tienes que comprar la subscripcion

Oh yo no savia que usted hablaba español!

Pues yo tampoco sabia que el hablaba español! Hahaha

Oye amigo yo ni tenía un idea que usted hablaba español!

So there is any offer? I thought that they would let us try the Live for free , without buying a subscribtion :/

You purchase 1 month of live you will receive an extra 7 days.
If you buy Live+ you will get an extra month.

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There is an offer. It’s if you buy Live+, you get 1 month added to the subscription. Also, there’s if you buy Live, you get 1 week added to the subscription.