How to end flight when away from device?

Hey guys, this might be a strange question, but how do I end my flight if I’m nowhere near my device.
I’m currently away from my device and I’m supposed to land 1 hour ago. I’m worried that I might run out of fuel, get violations and crash.
Do you have any idea on how to end my flight?

Message someone at home to turn the device off. That pauses the session so when you get back you can turn the device on and do what you want with the session.

Or you could use find my iPhone. When you make a sound for that device the session will pause and a message will appear saying that it wants your device found. You head back home and click the ‘ok’ button (or whatever is there) and the session unpauses.

If you can login to infinite flight from another device and start a flight, I believe you I’ll be taken offline… not completely sure though.

No that idles your engines and causes you to crash and get violations, and it’s against the ToS

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Wouldn’t that make loud sound? The neighbors might think something’s wrong

You click the ‘stop playing sound’ after a few seconds

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Apparently I’m not signed into iCloud on my device. So I can’t do that

Hang on I’ll go over to your house and shut it off myself, gimme a minute to get my bike

well. I’ll try logging in from this device onto IF then.

That will idle your engines and cause you to crash

It disconnects. Doesn’t idle throttle

You’re risk, cause from what I remember your engines are idled, maybe you’re disconnected as well

I just logged in to FM iPhone. I can’t stop the play sound!!!

It’s not loud don’t worry.

And like all Apple alarms they stop eventually, I left my alarm on for a long weekend camp and when I got back, no sound was playing, just the snooze screen

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If you are on a live server then you can’t pause the flight so am afraid that is not an option.

Try it yourself, do a flight, shut the device off, come back and you will not have moved a bit. The session pauses

My sister did it to my device on LAX-Brisbane, device paused so when I came home and turned it back on the plane was thousands of miles behind where it should have been

Lost all the flight data when it happens to me. Just happened ( by accident) this morning after a 8hr Flight. Lost all my data.

Then you don’t have enough RAM

@Panther here got an iPad for Christmas and has an iPhone SE

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Got good news and bad news.

Good: I’m not on LiveFlight
Bad: I’m not on LiveFlight

Your session is paused, now enjoy your afternoon and come back and land a plane, violation free

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