How to emoji?

How can I make an emoji?

I think emojis were removed.


Moderation team disabled :sob:
But you can still use emojis from your keyboard 😉


I miss giving the Capybara an :herb:


Emojis were disabled in 2015 by the staff team. You can still use emojis from your keyboard though.

PS: The emoji you use from your keyboard isn’t considered a emoji on Discourse. There used to be a button for emojis on Discourse itself.


Here’s what it looks like. This is from another forum that uses Discourse.


Ok. :sad: thank you for the sad thing :(

Sometimes people can misunderstand a message but I think emojis would help to set the tone of a message. A real shame they were removed ☹️

I am so sorry @Rolls, It is sad to me.😣

I see it both ways. I think I’m prone to over using them, as are many here and elsewhere, but that said with text you lose much if not all of the intonation of spoken language and the emotions and meaning that conveys. Some of this can be recovered through ALL CAPS, italicized text, the like, but hardly all of it and emojis can be a good way to show that. They are also like it or not, an increasingly important part of typed text. They are similar to a comma, apostrophe or period in my opinion where meaning can likely be determined without them but it’s more prone to misinterpretation and having to think about what someone means. I don’t really see a good way to mitigate the obvious drawbacks of them, but I don’t think avoiding them is the right call.


You can use right click on PC to access emojis and you can use emojis from your phone as well.

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