How to Emded Live Flight

How do I embed Live Flight to a website?

Use code probably lol

😠😒. I know that. But how!

I just Googled it lol, here’s a link…

Get in contact with @Cameron. He can give you what is known as an iframe HMTL tag, which you just copy and paste into the appropriate place (for Weebly it’s the embed one).

I believe he can also sort a custom solution which only shows your VA callsigns or something, though if you wanted him to do that I would strongly consider supporting him with a donation, or buying LF horizon.

Previously, it was free, but now …

Or even better, fill out this form:

(which is what I’d tell you to do if you PM me)

And it’s still free for some reason. I really should start making more things paid ;-)


Just sent a request :)

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