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Hiya everyone. I’ve seen recently that people can embed things from websites to the IFC, but when I try it fails. Does anyone know how?

Can you elaborate on what sort of thing? Is is like this?

Yeah, that.

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By default embeds are disabled I’m pretty sure but I still add it in just in case, layout the embed link like this.

 <iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>
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ok thanks

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 <iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>


wait why didn’t it work @Qantas094

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Can you show me the raw HTML?


@anon41771314 go ahead and see if removing the space at the start of <iframe> fixes it.

<iframesrc=“” width=“640” height=“480”>


Just remove the bottom part, looks like it isn’t needed.


ok thanks again

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@Qantas094 please help. I am not able to embed a google map. Just like the above one. I pasted the link but nothing happened.

I pasted the link right here but it is not visible. IDK why

Just paste the link on its own.

Just this part mid=15QNldkmpP3_b9POUYaMHJyDxTDt-tGDn

Remove the space in the link.

I did not get you

Can you paste the whole embed HTML in here please using the Preformatted text

Was told to remove the original content on request.