How To Embed A Map For A VA?

Hey everyone!

I need help with embedding maps for VAs using Google MyMaps.
I tried embedding a map for my VA, and it doesn’t work. How do I embed it?


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@KaiM very kindly helped me embed a custom map with all the flights currently flying for my VA into my VA website. Maybe he could help you with that?

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Ok, I will talk to him…

I got the embed link from the my maps, but it sent me iframes, which don’t work on this…


Are you embedding it for a thread or website?

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Thread @Altaria55

Thought it was in the “How to use the IFC” thread, but unfortunately not. Best bet is to contact Velocity23.

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@ran, I did some searching, and I found it. Visit your Google My Maps page and make your map public.

Do this by clicking “share” and editing it so that it is set to “public”.

Then, click the three dot icon next to the title of the map and hit “embed on my site”. Copy and paste the text and paste it into your thread.

I’ve embedded Avianca Virtual Group’s destinations map below:

Edit: doesn’t work ;-;

It’s okay @Altaria55, TaipeiGuru helped me out and it’s all good :)

Thanks for your help @Vinne and @Altaria55!

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