How to El Classico (Europe Edition)

Step One

Takeoff: yes, take your city hopper and jet it out of London :)

Step Two
Cruising: ahh yes, cruising, flying across the English Channel having a cup of tea.

Step three

Landing: yes, the best part, landing at your destination, be careful, don’t Ryanair it, this is KLM, not Ryanair.

Annnddd… that’s how you El Classico, have yourselfs a good day/afternoon/evening

(inspired by @CK777)


Thanks a lot. All the members of IF Community will learn something from this guide. This is important. Because, the most important part of el clasico is; there are no place for surprises. No Ryanairing, no cutting in, no stalling, no strobes at gate etc. Everything must be proper._| ̄|●


Yes, indeed.

American edition coming tomorrow.

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Which London to depart from?

LHR-AMS (El Classico)

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Yes. El Classico 👌👌

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Thank you. Will share my exquisite experience soon of the long haul version of EL CLASSICO…

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JFK-LHR El Classico

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Make sure to give credit to the tutorial:)

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I’d like to see an el ryanairo

I’ll consider that one :)

How to actually El Classico:

Fly between the cities of Madrid and Barcelona


Landing on runway 24???


That’s sportive el classico. We’re talking about aviational el classico. And Boeing is better to use for el classico. Boeing 738🆖️

El Classico American edition coming today at


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Nah. Someone else deserves it…


Good times…