How to earn XP?

I flighted almost five hours. But Xp is still 26.
I need ur help. Plz help me!


How many landings do you have?

(Click on the info button next to Grade 1)

did you fly on live mode and not solo mode? As XP only earns in live mode

Go in the freed light server and do loads of landings without getting in anyone’s way I get more xp form that then a 49 minute flight

free flight*

Lol sorry I just had to 😂.

On a more serious note, touch and goes is the key to earn tons of XP. I have earned over 1,400 XP in one session before by doing simultaneous touch and goes for about an 18-20 minute period. It’s also fun and helps you to practice steep banks (tight turns) and coordination (such as proper rollout lined up with the runway and good flare) with the aircraft you’re flying.

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You should be getting 10xp for every minute you fly.

Should this be in #support as it’s abnormal that he flew nearly six hours and got only 26 XP?

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As for all the mistakes 😂, expect many as I type fast on my iPad with two hands in landscape mode so I regularly mess things up I also never read it back to make sure there aren’t any mistakes, why do I need to I have you :)

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Really? Is that a fact? I didn’t know that… very interesting.

Umm… I have 25 Landings… What is the problem…

I flied on live mode…

Okay… I’ll gonna try for it.

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the best way to get XP is by doing lots of smooth landings and takeoffs. you can also do “touch and goes” Call Inbound For Touch & Go With Departure Afterwards - #6 by Muzi_Zungu here is a tutorial on how its done. but make sure you do not recive any violations what so ever. ;]

I think that matt need to refresh the servers

This has nothing to do with t&g’s; it’s just a server issue.

It wouldnt be penalties would it?

As long as you’re on Free Flight, there’s no penalties whatsoever so you can fly as fast as you want.

All you have to do is just FLY and LAND!

This seems to have nothing to do with getting more xp but it seems he can’t get the xp. After 5 hours you should have over 300
So it’s a sever problem or you’re flying with orange connecting Internet. I believe then you still get flight Time but no XP

When finished flying, don’t close the app immediately, you should exit to the main menu, otherwise you won’t gain your hours, XP or anything else.

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