How to dump fuel for landing?

I have no idea how to do this despite trying. Can anyone help?

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Only heavies can dump. Were you in a heavy?

To dump fuel, you need to:

  • fly a heavy (Boeing 767 / 787 / 777 / 747 or Airbus 330 / 340 / 380)
  • be over the maximum landing weight (MLW) of your aircraft
  • be at an altitude of 7000 feet above ground level (AGL) or higher

Hope that helped! :)


Yes I was in a heavy.

Thanks I will try it again later.

You actually don’t have to be over MLW to dump. I’ve dumped fuel when below MLW.

You kinda do. I’ve always had to be over MLW


Then there is no point dumping fuel…the idea is to get the airplane load down as to be safe to land…dump is automatically cut after below mlw

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Yeah, I just wanted to try it out for the first time.