How to Download Infinite flight scenery editor

I have been wondering for a few days how to download the scenery editor app. Can somebody tell me?


There is no such thing as a “Scenery editor app”. It is on the IF app, But you have to be accepted by DeerCrusher to become an IFAET Member. I have linked the application below.




Contact and I’m sure they could get something worked out, make sure to offer a lot of money.

In all seriousness, what RyMan said above is correct! Just fill out the application and you’ll be added at some point 🙂


Thank you!


No problem. Any time :)

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Here you go! DeerCrusher recently leaked an announcement where it is possible to download the scenery editor app.


not me thinking at the start it’s a real thing.

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Wow! Very useful! I can’t believe it was the actual editing app. Thanks for the find!

I can’t believe it! The editing app is so cool! Thank you

You got me good. :(

Why u are leaking some beta progress of 23.3?? ;(

Asher will be furious if he sees this…

We should really set up that email address someday to see if people are actually contacting it and trying to bribe us…


Wrong email, its


Bro, this is so useful! Thanks for the help :)

No way I am falling for it that easily

Wow you got me making this into a YouTube maybe

Thank YT for ads

That would be the perfect April Fools Day prank.

According to legend, you have to go on a long expedition to the far reaches of the earth, to bring the moderators an item of their choice. It’s a long and treacherous journey that only few can complete. Only then could one acquire the scenery editor

Throw in a PayPal account and you may become millionaire before you know it 😆