How to download all liveries

Hey guys, I was wondering if there is any way to download all the liveries in IF. Sometimes, whenever I go to an airport, for example KLAX, there are just dots and nametags but not the actual plane itself. This is probably because I do not have the livery installed on my phone. So to prevent that from happening, I am wondering if there is a download all liveries button or something similar to that. Thank you for your help!

Sometimes on my device, I have the liveries downloaded but they do not render. I have to get closer to actually see the plane. I have all of them downloaded though. so its not really an issue with that I think.

I have all settings on high

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There is currently not an option to download each livery at once to your device. When you fly each livery it will download that specific livery. When flying around, if you see an Un-downloaded livery then it will automatically download it however it may take some time hence why you see dots to begin with. If flying on mobile data, make sure to tick the setting to automatically download airplanes over cellular data, shown below.

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Oh ok, thank you!