How to download all aircraft

Hey, I recently updated infinite flight and the problem is that I don’t see any aircraft at busy airports. Is there a way to download an aircraft other than spawning with it?

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Hello, aircraft are no longer stored on your device like they were before. Are you on WiFi or Cellular and how strong is your signal? Once you begin a flight the liveries will then download.


I’m on wifi and the signal is good 😉

Okay, what device do you have and what are your Live Settings (Hide Airplane Names, Hide Airplane Dots, Airplane Count)?

Just to let you know I’m having the same issue also have good connection and nothing is hidden but I’ve see that you need to enter the game with each a every Livery for the each and every plane

Good connection is vague. Connection encompasses signal strength from your router or from your cellular providers towers; things like speed, latency, bandwith, etc are a big part of your connection. Depending on your internet’s capability, download times may vary.


Wait so basically all we need to do is open a flight, and not do anything for like 30 minutes?

No not at all. I’m sorry if it came across that way. 30 minutes is a bit much. With today’s technology downloading should be occurring in quick succession.

Is it accurate to say that only those aircrafts that are currently operating in your vicinity are downloaded?

I’d venture to say that yes, the app will download what is needed at that given moment. As far as distance in terms of range thresholds in which the app will download aircraft and data… that’s out of my scope of knowledge.

I see what you mean now and I’m now flying! Thanks


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