How To do Violations

Hii Iam New Pilot In Infinite Flight . and My Landings And Take Off Everything Is Good . but My Voiltations is 0 …Can anyone Tell Me With Any Video Aur Screen Shot How To do Voiltations in infinite Flight :)

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Hi! Welcome to infinite flight! I hope this video helps for what you are looking for:

You do not want violations, violations prevent you from gaining access to a server if you get enough of them (it works by demoting your grade if you get too many and you need a certain grade to get access to a server (grade 2 for training and grade 3 for expert)


This is a good thing. You want to keep your violations at 0. Getting a violation is a bad thing.

The violation requirements for grades are that you must not have received “x” number of violations in 90 days.

It does not mean you need violations. It means you should not get violations.



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I tend to say: it’s not a bad thing in general. Doing a failure and receiving a warning is only bad as you don’t learn from it. But your flying/violation ratio should be as low as possible. I agree on this.

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No problem. Welcome to the community!

And don’t worry, keep up your flying hours and number of landings and you’ll get to the Training Server and the Expert Server in no time :)

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Hello! If you received a Level 2 or Level 3 Violation from ATC in Expert Server, please contact @appeals :)

You do not want to get violations. Violations prevent you from going up in Grades, so no need to get a violation.

Check out Congrats on Making it to Expert, Want to Stay There? Follow these Notes it should help you.

Violations are easy to achieve, though I would not advise intentionally receiving them.

You can:
Taxi faster than 35kts ground speed
Ignore overspeed warnings in the air
Sit idle on the runway for longer than a set time interval
Perform acrobatic stunts near an airport
Intentionally land on the incorrect runway (this violation belongs to ATC only)
Pushback/takeoff without permission (IFATC only)

The list goes on and on. Why are you intentionally trying to ruin your pristine record? Having a violations/landings record of 0.00 is something I’m sure we wish we could all do all over again.

Yeah, make sure he understands that he should not be doing that lol

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