How to do long haul flights on a phone?

I want to make long haul flights on my phone, but I’m afraid that my battery will be damaged by having the charger connected for several hours, and I want to know if your phones have problems with their battery after doing long haul flights? thanks


I use my iPad but I have never ran into a problem. While it’s probbaly not ideal to leave your device plugged in while running the app, it’s the only way you’ll get a long haul completed.

I turn graphics down to low and brightness all the way down to reduce strain.


There are a couple of things I do to prevent his on my Samsung S9

  • Turn your brightness all the way down

  • Put it at Night Time

  • Put it into Scenic view so it not burning your screen

  • Place it near some airflow or colder place

  • Make Sure it not warm before you leave

  • Dont leave it on power saver so it can release as much battery as your phone wants

  • Put time out so theres less on your screen

Hope this helps. I do a 8hr long haul every night and no phone or battery promblems so far


I’d your device is compatible, you can do a. Flight for however long you want.


Flying RJAA - KORD as we speak. image


I just want to add, when you’re just finish your long haul or just arrived at destination, i recommend you to cool it down in order to give the device rest for a few hours 😉


Yea I normally just put it by my window with air flow and turn it off for 5 mins while I wake up and it normally is very cool by then and has reset itself


Ok, thank you soo much

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I don’t know if it would do much but I would recommend to turn all graphics to low when your away from your device


If you are worrying about the battery, then take a look at the post/topic below. Some replies contain very useful information. :)

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Would it be possible to give a little more device specific information? Such as the model and OS version?
All devices are different and I could perhaps provide some more information with some more details from yourself 😁

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Sure, my phone is a iphone 7 and has IOS 12

So yeah, there isn’t really anything special that needs to be done with that at all 😂

I’ll just run back over the basics quickly, I’m aware they’re probably covered already, but everyone else will suggest them again so why not?

°Disable all kinds of wireless communication besides WiFi. This means if possible, disable LTE (Data), turn off Bluetooth, air drop etc
°Change your graphics down to the lowest settings on a long haul. This will reduce the required processing power by your phone and allow it to stay cooler
°Keep your device on charge. Ignore the myths, your phone won’t overcharge, as it’ll constantly monitor the power input and output and balance accordingly. Once your phone is fully charged, it’ll stop charging
°Reduce airplane count, and turn off any unnecessary background processes, such as clearing the cache (I believe it’s hold the power button then don’t shut down your phone.)
°Mute your audio and notifications. not such a big one, but unplanned interruptions can cause app crashes.
°Scenic view 2 is the lowest profile active view and will prevent any kind of burn in, not that LCD panels are anywhere near as susceptible to it as an AMOLED panel.
°Keep it in a cool area, but there’s no need to put it next to a window, fan or leave it to cool down for hours after the flight.

Hope this helps!


Make sure you’re screen doesn’t go off. Turn automatic screen turn-off off, or install a app that keeps you’re screen on. I use, and it works very well. You can chose the apps you don’t want the screen turning off.

It shouldn’t go off anyway. As long as there’s movement, it’s just fine.

Ohhh waoooo, thank you soo much

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