How to do locked free cam

How do you the locked free cam? I can only see how to use the drone cam. Thanks!

It’s the same thing!

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Hello! The locked free cam will come with 20.2, which has not been released yet.


But I have the beta.

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Oh alright.

It’s above where the normal free cam is, and it works just the same, just follows the plane.

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Isnt that the drone cam though?

I think they are the same thing, correct me if I’m wrong.

Drone cam/locked free cam is literally the same thing 😜

O rip, I thought there was a feature where you could lock the free cam in whatever position you want. Sorry

No worries!

Just to clear confusion, there is the normal free camera, 2 exterior drone cameras, and 2 interior drone cameras. These are the locked free cameras, the difference being the sounds they produce (exterior and interior sounds)

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Alright, thanks!

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