How to do KLAX 6L Approaches

Checkout my latest video guys and please like and subscribe. And this video is about how to do 6L approaches at Los Angeles [KLAX]. Hope this will be useful for next time you head down to Los Angeles.


First of all, it’s great to see your videos! As you may know, there are certain rules with each category that you can find pinned to each category. One of the rules for #screenshots-and-videos is that you can only post once every 24 hours as it says here. About the Screenshots and Videos Category

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Merka, I know you want TL3 and all, but if your going to call someone out on a mistake, be kind and explain to them. As you can see, @NewZealand1Super is a Basic Member. He might not know the rules and everything. So Instead of just linking a thread and saying “You Broke a rule read this”, maybe you can say,


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Nice Video, but unfortunately you can only post one thread in #screenshots-and-videos per 24 hours. This rule was put in to prevent spam. Maybe next time, you can merge them as they are very similar! If you need a list of the Category Rules, feel free to check out the thread linked below. Thanks!

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Makes sense… Also I don’t really want TL3. I’m focusing on VA stuff right now.

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