How to do I make my Violations/Landings in 12 months go down?

how do I make my 0.30 go to 0.25? If I need to do more landings how many more do I need to do? Update got to grade 4 finally :D

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The violations/landings is a simple ratio. If you don’t receive anymore violations you’ll need to reach 336 landings for you ratio to be 0.25. So you’ll need another 52 landings to get to grade 4.


Or algebra:

If Violations/Landings = Ratio,


Landings = Violations/Ratio

Landings = (84/0.25) = 336


Thank you so much, this has been puzzling me for 3 days now

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Just do an hour of touch and goes whenever you need to.

Just make sure you’re on the runway for 5-10 seconds.

Thanks Tim, algebra isn’t my strong suite haha, thanks tho

What exactly do I do to get this? Like an answer, I’m at 0.29 right now and I’m at 291 landings. What equation would I use?

Well, you put the unknown (violations) by itself.

So if the Ratio = violations / landings,


Violations = Ratio * Landings = 0.29 * 291 = 84.4 violations

(Note that 0.29 is a rounded number, so it won’t give you the exact answer.)

If you know how many violations you have, and a ratio to achieve, you can figure out how many landings you need with

Landings = violations / ratio

So, let’s say you have 15 violations and need 0.05 for the ratio,

Landings would need to be 15/0.05, which is 300.

Essentially you just start with the simple ratio equation which is violations per landing, then move the terms around algebraically so you can take you two knowns to get the third item, your unknown.

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Ahhh ok, I’m just learning algebra now as I’m 8th grade, thanks. I’m up to 311 landings and 0.27, just a few more to go

I’m up to 84/0.27 and 311 landings, I’m doing touch and goes around PHNL with the Citation, smallest jet in IF so it’s perfect for the tight maneuvers to get from 8R - 8L

I like airports such as ZBAA or KATL for touch and goes, as there are multiple parallel runways that have a decent amount of space between them. Whatever works for you, though. :)