How to do holding patterns?

Dear IFC,
I am reading the Holding section from IF user guide. It is helpful in some way but I prefer a video demonstration which would help me have better understand how to correctly perform the holding procedure.
Thank you all.

in the situation where Approach, departure, or center gives you a hold, a pink oval will pop up on your map and you can just follow it with your autopilot heading select, an altitude and speed will come with the ATC message to provide more help


Here are a couple diagrams on how to enter holding patterns depending on your location

Screenshot 2024-03-26 225926

Screenshot 2024-03-26 225843


Hi, for some reasons, images do not load up, But still thank you for replying.

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Hey @PaullyGu, this article should help you out:


Thanks! I did check the user guide, however, the video demonstration would be more helpful for me.

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There is no video tutorial that I am aware of, certainly not a official Infinite Flight one.

But all you have to do is fly in a circle. Fly North for a minute, then turn and fly south for a minute, then repeat for as long as needed.

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