How to do a Long haul without charging device

I want do long hauls but my battery is draining fast and I don’t wanna charge it while flying.

Any ideas?

Don’t fly long hauls 🙃

I don’t think there’s is anyway to fly a long haul without a charger.

If you are worried about your battery, it should absolutely fine. Here are some good explanations on why it’s ok and you e battery won’t get damaged:


Lowest possible screen brightness, low graphic settings and putting the camera to a not changing part (e.g. the cockpit ceiling) could be an option. IF is nonetheless a really powerful (and therefore battery draining) application, which unfortunately means that losing battery power while flying can’t really be avoided.


Long haul without being left on charge Unheard of. Even on low batt mode prob last 2-4 hours maybe ??


That wouldn’t be smart because it will use a whole cycle for no reason

My phone has 5000mah and approx. For 1 hour of flying I lose 10% of charge

Gee that’s not bad , I’d have to have all the settings on lowest to achieve anything decent . No fun in that, I got like a gen 8 ipad too

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I have a Huawei P30 lite and I can do a return short haul flight about 2 hours and loses 30% battery always put screen brightness down😊

Yes😂😂, it is the best answer😁

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I can only fly 3 hours without charging

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