How to do a Long Haul Flight

Hello! I have been playing infinite flight for quite a while now but just started the pro one today. I have never done a 4+ hour flight and I wanna do an overnight flight but scared my device will brake or malfunction.

My device is an iPad Air 3 and it does not have low power mode.

For my longest flight, I usually set the brightness as low as possible, i set the graphics to low, set anti aliasing to off and turn on limit frame rate.

If you have any tip or any idea if the device will break pls tell me…

Thanks. *in advance

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I would recommend doing a long haul during early morning it works for me. So I will be awake for the whole flight and the chances of something going wrong are slim.

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You have the right idea with setting all the graphics low, brightness low, and limiting frame rate. I don’t have the same device as you but I do have an iPad and what I do is set the camera angle to scenic to avoid the game freezing up, settings on low as you said, brightness as low as possible, keep it plugged in. If you are planning on doing an overnight when you are asleep, make sure you turn off auto-lock and turn off do not disturb to get rid of those notifications. Here is also a thread to give you a rough idea on how your device works with infinite flight: Device Compatibility Thread 22.3 - Built By Us For You!
Hope this all helps and have fun!


Thanks! But I prefer doing overnight flights so i can rest at night but it’s worth a try! Thanks

Thanks so Much!

I also like to turn to the cockpit view and face the camera to the darkest part, ex. the seat since the blue skys are still very bright to me even on dark mode.

Ex. When ever I fly the A350, I turn to nose view, turn around, look down.

Does it help? Probably.

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In settings on infinite flight you can activate low power mode. I use an iPhone 8+ and barely gets warm at all with these settings

-low graphics
-Hide dots and planes
-airplane count to none
-Cockpit view
-Brightness lowest it can go
-low power mode in IF
-case free and plugged in

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Here is my personal long haul device care procedure.

  • Start at roughly 10pm (local)
    After Departure
  • Set graphics to low
  • Close all background apps
  • Set airplane count to low
  • Set camera veiw to “cinematic”
  • Hid HUD/UI
  • Plug in phone
  • Set brightness to 0-20%
  • Set phone on an angle next to open window.
  • Grab ice pack to place phone on if needed
    (250nm out)
  • Set graphics to medium
  • Set brightness to 60-80%
  • Set airplane count to medium
    (150nm out)
  • Set graphics to high/very high
  • Set brightness to 80-100%
  • Set airplane count to high/very high
  • Unplug phone
  • Open neccessary background apps
  • Set camera angle to “locked”

Timsaviation, also, have you been doing this for a while? do you notice any changes? What I fear is the device will start malfunctioning soon… THANKS

I have been doing this for a while, the only problem is that you might notice a tiny decrease in battery performance but this is inevitable and won’t affect the device too much if you aren’t too worried about battery life. The only other thing I can say is that with the 19.4 update, ios does have an increase in crashes happening on long haul flights so I would advise you to give a restart before you embark on a long haul flight. There is also other information available here: but I am pretty sure I already mentioned most of these.

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