How to do a good landing on the 737-800

No matter how hard I try, I always land at like -230 v/s. I don’t know if I’m flaring to early, or pulling back to hard. I just need to get some information or tips. Thanks


-230 is deserving of applause according to IF Assistant lol, u doing 145 IAS flaps 30?


Yes. It is hard to land B737. But you can practice landing in solo. 20 times a day

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Just kidding

I think you miight be flaring a biiiit to early. Because then you go to a very good landing vs speed, but you might still be 5-10 feet off the ground. Then you lose speed and your vs goes even worse to like -400


And this is why Ryan Air only uses the B737 series. I’m just kidding lol

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Assuming you’re landing at around 140-145KIAS and flaps 30, flare at 30’ AGL and retard at 20’ AGL, with the flare at around 5°

-230 isn’t bad, pilot reports show that somewhere around 240 is where they would consider it a firm landing. Boeing planes are built to withstand up to -600, -350 or so when above max landing weight. Most auto land systems are aiming for something in the order of (-60)-(-180) and the manuals are clear that you should not try to make the landing smooth by extending the flare. Fly the plane to the ground don’t let it sit above the ground and try to bring it down at near 0 FPM. Doing so can in fact cause multiple problems, there’s the obvious that as you will start to run out of runway if you’re floating way down it, but the less seen one is that very low landing FPMs can actually damage the plane thanks to something called gear shimmy which is where the gear wobbles around when it isn’t firmly compressed. This can do a number to the landing gear mechanism, and is not ideal at all. I’m not saying don’t go for those smooth landings, but what I’m more trying to say is that the lowest FPM number is not the best landing, don’t try to make your landings more smooth by extending your flare, or sacrificing things like good landing speed and centerline in the process, the verticals speed is one of many components to a good landing, and you can quickly start to screw up the other ones when you focus on it. My best tip would be to just do patterns and keep doing them. Or go into solo and just shoot approach after approach after approach, you’ll get good at it in time, landing is as much an art as it is a science.


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