How to do a Crosswind Landing?

Hi, I’ve been playing IF for over 2 years now but I don’t usually fly in regions with bad weather. Could someone tell me how to do a crosswind landing because I always just get thrown around when I try to land normally in high winds.
Thanks, Riley

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Are you using autopilot?

No my auto land doesn’t always work

Higher approach speeds and lower flap setting helps you be more stable.

Important before touchdown is decrabbing with the rudder. The longitudinal axis of your aircraft should be aligned with the runway centerline. Less structural stress for the landing gear and you won’t veer of the runway.

Requires lots of practice in IF but you get the hang of it quickly.


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Crab your plane into the wind and when you are just about to touchdown use the rudder to align the plane with the centerline.

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Max Sez; the winner is @LSZH34. He had it right the first time!
(watch the video)



Thanks guys for the help. I’ll get practicing!

This is what I done during crosswind landing:

  • Keep pointing the fpv to the beginning of the runway (the plane’s nose pointing on different direction at this point)
  • Maintain some speed during landing
  • Use the rudder at 20 feet AGL to decrab
  • After touchdown, use the rudder to align with the centerline.

Check out my crosswind landing video in this forum (topic: YouTube videos!)
Hope it helps.

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This might help?

Thanks everyone. I’ll keep practicing

is not that we must decrab the rudder 100 feet before touchdown?

As far as I know, just prior to touchdown while flaring the airplane, rudder is applied to eliminate the crab and align the airplane with the runway centerline (decrab method).
I flared at 20 feet AGL, the same time as I kicked the rudder during crosswind landing (B738).
Other airplane maybe use different technique.