How to do 7R Approaches at KLAX

Checkout my latest video guys and please like and subscribe. And this video is about how to do 7R approaches at Los Angeles [KLAX]. Hope this will be useful for next time you head down to Los Angeles. Hope you enjoy, Thank you 😃


Does LAX ever use the 6s and 7s in real life? Thanks for the tutorial!

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They usually use the following:

Departure: 24L, 25R

Landing: 24R, 25L

However, when there is bad weather then they use the 6s and 7s.

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Yes, that’s what I thought. I know that place’s departure routines like the back of my hand! 😂

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So it dose exist

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They also do ocean departure/arrivals usually around midnight to 6:30am in calm weather. This reduces the nose over residential areas east of LAX during the late night/early morning hours.

This usually involves landing on 6R and departures from 25R. Its interesting to listen to on LiveATC and watch at the same time on FlightRadar24 etc when they do the transfer…

I actually tried this out for about and hour one time when controlling IFATC at LAX when it was dead. It was fun and I got a few people that thanked me for adding the realism to the approach/departure. It also confused a couple as well. LOL

Check it out sometime!



Yes, during 12am to 6:30am, 6 and 7 are used.


jinks. hahaha :)

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Sometimes they do

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Ive got a tutorial on those too if your interested in checking them out

Not sometimes, it’s apparently at night. And of course, when winds limit use of the 24s and 25s like during severe weather.

Some people in training, Expert and most people in casual don’t know about a 25L, or 24L/R

it’s just 25R the longest runway
but I guess that’s fine


True and that’s why ive made this video

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Casual search engine:

Sorry, these runways do not exist, did you mean 25R?

Great video!

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Yes that’s pretty much the case!! 😂😂

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