How to do 30R Departures at KSJC

Checkout my latest video guys and please like and subscribe. And this video is about how to do 30R Departures at San Jose[KSJC]. Hope this will be useful for next time you head down to San Jose.


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Great dude, but unfortunately you can only post in #screenshots-and-videos once a day.


Great tutorial!!!

even tho I don’t usually fly to KSJC
But maybe next time instead of making 2 topics make one with both tutorials in

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That bank on the turn was a bit steep, no? 😖


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Cool tutorial!

Just watch your takeoff power… it should never be at 100% throttle.


@NewZealand1Super MaxSez: Works for me… pls state Approach/Departure Type eg: RNav/ILS/STARS…

Good on ya Mate… Max

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@Maxmustang It’s San Jose Three(SJC3) but it’s using SJC VOR and OAK VOR irl for turns, which can’t be done in IF. Those fix he used in his vid are close enough for this departure.


@Henrylzy… No intent to nitpick. Impressed by this young man’s advanced knowledge and tech skills.
Well Done @NewZealand1Super.
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Yeah those two vids could help many ppl who doesn’t have charts. Especially this one that could recreate the departure procedure in IF for ppl flying out from SJC. This kind of procedures that use VOR/DME are pretty hard to fly in IF.


The proper fixes to get the right turn radius and correct heading for the SJC3.MOONY are illustrated below-the SJC3.MOONY instructions are:

Climb on 306° HDG to 1.8DME NW of the SJC VOR then turn right to intercept and proceed on the OAK 121° radial to MOONY

Notice that MLPTS is 1.9nm off KSJC-it’s actually 1.8nm from the SJC VOR. Turning there (and allowing for a touch of wiggle room due to IF considerations) to pick up as close to 121° from OAK->MOONY gives the following waypoints


OAK->MOONY is 124° in IF and VPEMB->MOONY is 125° in IF-that’s about as close as you’ll get to the real deal.

In fact I’ve often noticed that headings on charts are a few degrees off in IF (not counting magnetic variation/deviation-just a degree or three here and there) but I can already hear Max saying something to the effect of “well it’s close nuff for IF purposes”

**D102X may be better if you like to use NAV instead of hand flying


People who have an iPhone or iPad should have no problems finding charts at all-they’re all available for the US and many other spots.

They can indeed be used… Just gotta know how to do it.

First you need see if you’ve got a waypoint close to 1.8nm from the SJC VOR like this

MOONY is 121° and D 47nm from OAK-so all you have to do is input a direct OAK->MOONY like this:

Then you can zoom in and see what waypoints abeam MLPTS cross that line and throw a turn in there like this:

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Magnetic variation at OAK is 17E but in IF it’s 13-14E. That might be the reason the heading was 3 degrees off with the chart.

SFO’s mag var is 14E and SJC’s is 16E in real life, but in the game they’re all 14E.

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I think it’s static for sure in the sim. Here at BOS, we’re 15° W and the ILS to 04R is 035° IRL (was 036 or 038 iirc years ago when I had a PC sim) and it’s 034° in IF. It seems to depend on where you are.