How to deny taxi request

New to controlling ground. Someone requested taxi to the wrong end of the runway (red). Is there a “deny” command somewhere? I couldn’t find it anywhere.

And you can use progressive taxi to help guide them to the right runway as well


That is used for landing, not taxiing. If you were on expert you’d send please follow instructions then progressive taxi if necessary then report if needed.


Thanks. Pilot clearly didn’t understand why he was told to taxi to the other end, and just kept repeating the original request. An explicit no might have made it clear - perhaps.

A red marked runway doesn’t mean it’s closed, it’s to do with the winds


Ok, guess I should have said “inactive”. Or something - the main point was, I did not want him to go there.

No it isn’t,
I was doing some TS controlling with it today

It’s available on TS and ES. I was just at a TS event and the controller was using it

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An explicit yes to the opposite end is an explicit no.

They can only taxi to one end. No need to deny one. Just grant the other.


Theres always option to guide them to the right runway if they request the wrong one. However on expert server, you might be greeted with “check ATIS freq.” So that pilot can request the right runway.

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