How to deny a certain pilot from the airport (without ghosting them)?


I know ghosting button (that doesn’t work in the playground to avoid revenge actions ;-) by people that just got ghosted) will do the trick,
but how do you make clear to a person who loves to just do “touch and goes” when it’s extremely busy or a low flying fighter aircraft or cessna doing sight seeing on your airfield.

Should there not be an extra line to deny them entry and let them know, kindly, that you don’t want them to loiter at your airfield?

How do others deal with this on the play ground?


Misc. Messages -> pattern is full.


thnx, true hadn’t noticed that…
but it does leave you with another request from those few irritating people.
I have tried to use airport is closed message but other people see that message too I believe and it’s just for a single Nimrod user ;)


Or… deny entry -> airport is full