How to declare emergency

I have infinite passengers and in that app you can have emergency’s engine failure, flap failure, ect ect. How do I tell act I have a failure?

The only in game emergency you can have is fuel unfortunately.

To do it, you need to be in Expert server and with less then 30 min of fuel.

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Unfortunately there’s no way to tell ATC you have a failure since they don’t exist in the app. You can tell them you are low on fuel though once that occurs. You’ll get a message box in your ATC tab on a frequency allowing you to announce your fuel situation to ATC.


And you must have been flying for over an hour.

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Welcome to the community Roy!

Declaring an emergency in Infinite flight is only for fuel emergencies. If you have been flying for over an hour and are critically low on fuel, you’ll have the option to declare “minimum fuel” or a “fuel emergency” to your controller by tapping the respective button that will appear in your communications tab (headset icon, bottom left corner).

I would just divert to an airport if this occurs. If you are landing at a crowded area unfortunately you just have to end your flight. I don’t think that the feature of emergencies should exist in this stage of Infinite Flight because I have a feeling people would abuse it in an IFATC featured area

If you are ever in this situation near a busy airport, I recommend diverting somewhere else. However, if it happens when you are in Towers airspace or you think it would work best if you landed at that busy airport despite the traffic, you can change your display name to EMERGENCY.

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That’s what the emergency declaration is for. Pilots should not be changing their display names to “EMERGENCY”. Fuel emergencies are the only emergencies that ATC will take action on in Infinite Flight.

If you announce emergency fuel or minimum fuel, IFATC will treat you as a priority over the other traffic in the area. Changing your display name to “EMERGENCY” will not get you any special treatment.


How to solve this problem in three steps in a controlled airspace:

  1. Close the third party application
  2. Restart/fix whatever “emergency” the app created
  3. Resume your flight as normal

Don’t want to do this, have your “emergencies” outside of controlled airspace.

Keep it Real™…


It’s the only way of letting ATC know you have some kind of problem 🤷‍♂️ I know you shouldnt to this but it’s the only to catch ATCs attention and possibly avoid holding patterns etc. It’s better than doin anything at least.

Plus if I saw a display name/callsign “EMERGENCY” I would probably think it was A person who just wanted to land sooner for the sake of it. Also, IFATC likely won’t even see your fisplay name @tunamkol

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If you are low on fuel, a button in your communications menu will appear that reads something like “announce minimum fuel” or “announce emergency fuel”, depending on the severity of the issue. If you send one of those to ATC, they will prioritize you so that you may arrive safely. That is the one way to

All other methods of declaring an emergency will not be taken seriously.

An example of what this looks like from the ATC point of view:


Guys I get what you are saying - it was just and idea to help him out. Maybe not the best one. It’s better than not doing anything 🤷‍♂️

To answer your question, @Royv23, this is probably your best bet for a third party app in IFATC airspace. Especially as Infinite Passengers isn’t officially supported anymore.
Hope all this helped

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0 minutes remaining… Not very good is it? @lucaviness

First, I love infinite passengers! Second, you should only use emergencies on solo or casual. Third for emergencies you only have fuel emergencies in game.

Oh ok thank you everybody.

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