How To Declare A Fuel Emergency?

Were you flying on Expert Server?

You need to be flying for atleast 3 hours

I might of changed but it is 1 hour on training with 5% of fuel I think

Where did you find that out?

I had a fuel emergency yesterday flying from Madrid and had to divert to Gatwick due to fuel

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This happens on training and expert

And unicom and I’ve seen it in all servers. I tend not to fly long haul but will fly half hour, set down park and fly away again without ending the flight. Soon enough the fuel run low. On approach on expert server I have had “expect no undue delay” on declaring. I also got “divert to nearest airfield” after a go-around and I only had 8 minutes left. That was at Heathrow on TS. I can’t remeber if that was in the go-around command or after I redeclared emergency on crosswind. Anyway it was nice variety

I remember in training server in EGLL someone said about emergency fuel and because the airport was busy i said to him to go to the nearest airport

I suppose it was me :) @Captain_Khalil

I dont think you have to be on expert server.

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I’ve done it on Training Server. It is best to do it on Expert as ATC is much better usually.

Yeah same, I was once ATC on training server and I had an aircraft declare a fuel emergency. Also I have declared a fuel emergency before on training server.

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i think it was at EGLL but not at final and in left base runway 27L

I can do it on TS.

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