How To Declare A Fuel Emergency?

Hello community, I was wondering if you guys know how to use the option of declaring a fuel emergency


You must

  • Have been Flying for more than 3 hours
  • Have less than 3% of fuel left (I believe)
  • Be on Expert server

That’s if you see “MINIMUM FUEL” in your HUD while flying on Expert.


Ok thanks bye bye I’ll be flying know


Enjoy your flight 👍🏻

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Not sure about this point. I have been flying for 1 hour 50 mins when I declared an emergency.

Here you can find some info)


When you have over one hour flight time and you’re on Low Fuel (You can look that up in your cockpit), then there comes a new tab on your ATC Window named emergency requests. You tap on this. Then you tap on Fuel, then on emergency or low fuel. Emergency can be read back from the ATC, Low fuel not. Then you just confirm it. Do not send it to ATC more than once. An ATC can be busy so don’t spam him. Hope that helps you.


Now what if there is a approach controller I see that the option does not show up.

What are the approx levels before you will see the minimum and low fuel cockpit display indicators in lbs or kgs

You can be on training to declare

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You can? How do you declare it?

When your fuel gets to a certain point.
I’m not sure of how much fuel tho

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Like 5 percent (and ?how much flight time?

this was exciting to see, for a second I forgot it was just a game🤣😅


I was on training server and I had about 1 minute of fuel and was declaring a no fuel emergency and they helped. This just all depends on the ATC

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It all really depends on the aircraft type, but I’d say it’d probably begin to occur once you only have about 15-25 minutes of fuel remaining.

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I believe it’s about 1:30 hours and 20% less fuel

The minimum time is just 1 hour, and when minimum fuel pops up in the CDU, you’ll be able to declare “emergency fuel”. Please don’t abuse this and fly a 1 hour flight with 1:15H worth of fuel…

It’s important to mention ATC knows how much fuel you have. So if they see you declaring and emergency and you purposely did not plan enough fuel for the route you are flying then you will be ghosted


i was i think more than 1H of flight when in approch i have 1% and i don’t have the emergency fuel