How to deal with this kind of people

Was stationing as tower in TS at KLAX…and I came across with this guy who was trying to block departing traffic on both 25L and 25R (active runways)

Thats just not acceptable

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Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do. KLAX, EGLL and other major airports, especially on Training Server, will have those inexperienced pilots not following the basic rules and do whatever they like. For a more unique experience, I would highly recommend Expert Server. However, if you don’t meet the requirements to enter ES, I would also suggest to avoid spawning in those kind of crowded airports in order to avoid trolling, spamming and all this stuff. You can also become an expert ATC by checking the link below:

Make sure you meet the requirements, follow the appropriate format and contact a recruiter. Best of luck and be sure, you will enjoy each and every season as an IFATC.


As a controller, just ignore these trolls and assume they’re invisible. Try diverting all departing aircraft to 25L.

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Thank you! I will try to apply when I think I am knowledgeable and capable enough

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I did…but that guy pushback and blocked 25L again

Diverting aircraft is the best you can do as a controller on TS for dealing with these type of trolls. Just assume he’s not there. Don’t react or signal this troll to get out of the runway. Your actions of troller ignorance will make him bored and he will leave soon.


Did you catch his username ?

I always don’t understand this view that since it’s on training server then there is nothing to be done. Do people train to get better or to be worse? If you are a trainee in any field, you try your best to follow guidelines and to improve on your skill. People are never going to behave better if there are no repacussions.


Another tip perhaps: avoid the abvious big airports on Training, especially in the US. There appears to be a high concentration of noobs there…

Hey! How long was this aircraft sitting there?


About 5 minutes I assume…

Just on the runways blocking people?

unfortunately I didn’t manage to observe him throughout…so I can’t say that he spawned in KLAX just for that purpose