How to deal with pilots who wants to land with tail wind?

Do I just let the land and overrun or I have to change them?


As the controller you decide the runway in use, not they decide it for you
So if you think the tailwind is too much, close that runway and give them another runway


But they will refuse to follow the instructions and I can’t ghost them

General Rule:

If you have no traffic - let them do as please

If you have traffic - have a set pattern for them to follow

If they don’t listen… There’s nothing you can do


Well first of all, they shouldn’t do it, but that’sa little hard to help. If it’s on training, I don’t think there’s much you really can do except for find them here on the IFC and kindly explain the situation and what they did wrong. If it’s on expert, then give them the ‘Check Community Forums for help’ command.


Usually I don’t care what runway is being used, up to a 10kt tailwind. For example—If the maps are showing the runway is red with a 6kt tailwind, I will use that runway IF it’s the shortest way for the majority of new spawns to taxi to it. Remember, all of us that are Expert Server ATC guys are also pilots. We don’t like to taxi either. So if I can help out a few pilots by shortening their taxi time, I will. Another example—Let’s say it’s an 11kt+ tailwind, then I’ll open the other end, which unfortunately means they’re taxing for a bit.

Now, if both runways are showing green and there really isn’t any wind. Again, I will choose the runway with the shortest taxi time. Now when it comes to picking a pattern direction, I’ll look around at the surroundings to scope out the terrain and also the view…remember we’re pilots first. Let’s use Palm Springs (KPSP) for example, I would make traffic on the opposite side of the giant mountain that’s just off to the West. At an airport that has land on one side and water on the other side, I would use the water side as my inbound because the view is gorgeous during Sunrise/Sunset Mode and because the sun reflecting off the water is undeniably awesome looking.

I know none of these answers answer your question. My advice to you is to get with @anon66442947 and start learning how to correctly work the Tower & Ground so that you can get on the Advanced Server to control. I’m not going to tell you that everyone listens on the Expert Server, because about 1/2 don’t. 🤬 But you have WAY more power to make them listen…aka 👻 .


If it is a GA airport than it’s fine bust most GA airports are uncontrolled so nothing you can do

What! This makes no sense

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In the real world, Controllers will use the runways that best fit with the wind direction. However if they for instance they are using southern runways for most of the day and than the wind shifts to the north, Most airplanes and can land with a tailwind of 10 knots or less,so they will not switch the airport up if the wind is 10 knots or less. At GA airports, It will say what runways are in use for certain wind conditions.

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