How to deal with pilots ignoring ATC on Training

I am on Tower and Ground in Training because I am trying to get my operations high enough to start IFATC and there have been a couple pilots who ignore my commands and pretty much do what they want. I tried reporting but it says my grade isnt high enough… is there anything I can do or am I just a doormat for these pilots?


Nothing you can do, really. It’s training server - some people are there to train, others will just troll. The best thing you can do is join IFATC.


Thats what Im trying to do… Just frustrating. I only need a couple more operations to be able to apply.

Treat them like they’re NORDO (unable to communicate) and work around them.


Though it may make your wait slower, I would avoid controlling in the main areas, like LAX, JFK, LHR, SFO, etc. That’s where the trolls normally hang out. You’ll get there 🙂

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I appreciate it

After a couple of instructions that are ignored, I say “thank you, good day” and effectively “ghost” them. It is not perfect but the best option IMO.

Occasionally it works and they feel so starved of attention that they actually relent and start following instructions.


I would also advise you start a tracking thread and advertise when you are controlling at smaller airports, so people with the right intentions know you’re there.


sadly there is nothing that you can do about that. I have tried to do that too especially at KLAX and EGLL, but people just don’t listen.

My best advice would be to just ignore them and continue, no matter how frustrated you get!

Open a tracking thread! Don’t bother about controlling at major hubs. You can’t report people as its the training server.


It would be better if you could just throw them off the server if they ignore instructions or start trolls in your airspace rather than reporting or ghosting.

Unfortunately you can not report on training server.

Was a pain for me also before I became an IF-ATC.

Vector them into a mountain

For legal reasons, that’s a joke


I face the same problem
Especially with pilot that taxi to the wrong end of the runway.I don’t really know how to give instructions to them.


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(Re-edited to fix grammar, sorry lol) Make use of insane training ground to your advantage at this stage, pilots are just having fun so just have fun back, go crazy, work around every known attitudes, problems, solutions, as often as possible, vector trolling pilots to the mountains? Lol! Your call, but mistakes are your friend!

Imagine how fluid and experienced you’re gonna be once you get the IFATC badge.

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