How to deal with crosswinds in the live cockpit

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As the new update is now finally out, i’m trying to get used to fly without the HUD in the A320 family. I really enjoy using the live cockpit, it really feels like real life! I learned how to use the localiser and the glideslope and I slowly get used to it, my only problem is that I don’t really know how to deal with the crosswinds without the HUD, do someone has some tricks that could help me with that?


Indeed, crosswind landings without the HUD really makes the landings difficult. If I have to offer some advice, during landing, try to keep up with the localiser on the live instruments until you realise you don’t have to adjust left or right to keep the aircraft aligned that will be the most direct way. I think more knowledge on the wind prior to landing will also help.


Yeah thanks, those are good ideas. I’ll try to get more knowledge of the wind before landing, as you said. I guess practicing a lot is also going to help.

Also ok the MFD you can see what the winds are, or read the airfield METAR. This can help you estimate what your winds are gonna be like. As well as help you estimate how to land it. But as said before. Use your PFD instruments! The localizer and Glideslope are helpful tools!

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Yep, using PFD a little more will indeed help a lot, I’ll try to focus more on that, thanks!


I know the trick its actually not a trick, first of all you have the wind direction and speed shown on the navigation display cool but how to know your “Crab Angle”? that was also my question but i figure it out, if you look down at your PFD right at the heading bar below there are few things:
1- is your current heading which is a little green diamond
2- the purple diamond which is your localizer.
3- this one is not mentioned in the tutorial thread which is a yellow line in the middle of the heading bar that yellow line shows where your aircraft nose is pointing at, for example if you have 20kts of crosswind coming from your right pushing your aircraft to the left you can see your current heading “the little green diamond” in the middle of the heading bar while the Yellow line is slightly to the right and that where your aircraft nose is at so if you use your rudder you can see it moving and thats how you can get it to the middle and line it up with little green diamond so that you correct the Crab Angle and where your aircraft nose is pointing at.

hope this helps ^_^


This is exacly what I was looking for! I will definitively try this and see how it works. Thank you for your help!

no problem i learned the hard way LOL

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