How to Deal with Corrections, Inaccuracies and Complaints.

We all have issues we want to correct, so how do we go about doing it when it’s another user?

Going about your business and notice someone has accidentally misquoted information, provided inaccurate data or answered a question that has already been answered is infuriating, I know because I feel the same burning desire to correct them. However there are really only 2 ways of doing it on the IFC: In Private or Public.

Calling someone out in public doesn’t make you look good, it doesn’t give you any extra kudos or brownie points. It actually makes you look bad however educating in public shouldn’t be discouraged as it is what the IFC really exists for.

Whereas doing it privately allows the person to rectify their error without others seeing you doing it, therefore allowing both yourself and the other party to keep their credibility and encourages them to continue to post in a friendly environment.

Pointing out that someone has missed part of or not fully understood the question isn’t cool - so how do we deal with it?

Flag - Moderator Extreme but still an option if the information is completely wrong, this is also an option if a question has been answered and folk are just starting to repeat previous answers to get the thread closed.
Flag - User Message This is a friendlier option as it directs the user to the message you’re talking about, give them a friendly nudge in the right direction and do it in private so you don’t look like you’re trying to get one over on anyone.
Direct Message Encouraged if you’re having a disagreement over an obvious message, it allows you both to have your say without every Tom, Dick or Harry being able to see it - like my parents arguing behind a closed door.


An uprising in people being inconsiderate to others feelings, trying to look good to everyone else and what seems like trying to get one over on another has led to this post being drafted. There is simply no need to call each other out when we can keep it in house and promote a learning culture. So what if someone is wrong? They obviously believed it was right, otherwise they wouldn’t have posted it!

Now I am sure everyone has been guilty of doing this, but let’s try to minimise it as best we can so the IFC becomes a place without fear of posting and we create stronger bonds between ourselves.


Well said and thanks for the reminder. We all are involved in IF to have fun and that includes the forum.

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Well said, guilty of it myself…

Hope this improves the IFC!

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Thanks. Didn’t know how to correct people politely thanks.

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Something we all need to keep in mind

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Yes. I am guilty of this on a recent topic about changeable pilots. Thank you for this post. I have reserved better judgment for the future.

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