How to DCA

I am going to bump this for people because I have seen too many straight in approaches for RWY 19 and too many large aircraft departing on RWY 04/22.


I actually perfected the DCA approach, it’s really fun to line up on the runway at the last second


The trick that I learned (the hard way after 2 crashes and 3 near crashes) is that you cannot turn too early, or your plane will either end up to the right of the RW or needing a sharp turn on final to compensate for the shallow bank in the initial portion of the turn in order not to overshoot the threshold.

I never had those incidents-

Compensate for the wind aswell, the Visual is my favorite approach. I landed in fog with bashing winds one time… I was never so sweaty in my life.

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Agreed, it’s very challenging and it’s worth it to see your skills come into play

Yes… I agree the visual is fun but challenging

I really don’t think it’s that challenging unless you are too fast. Just look at the 19 lights on the approach and match the red and white the whole way down, turn at the right time you deem necessary to line up without crashing into downtown Rosslyn, and land

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DCA is challenging and requires a lot of skill; even in real life. This was an awesome post.

Wow. what an amazing post. I’ll definitely be using this anytime I plan on opening DCA. Thanks!