How to cross runway on expert with no ground?

Hi I am not sure how I cross a runway when there is tower but no ground can anyone help? I am on expert so I don’t wany to get banned


Use unicom and say, crossing rnwy. Check #tutorials if you need extra help.

Ok here I go

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So I will just wait until it’s clear?

That is correct, make sure no one is on final or lined up for takeoff.

Or you might be able to request a cross from tower, I think there is a way, what airport are you at i’ll come take a look.

Ok it’s a busy airport I will make sure

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I’m in Philadelphia

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American 2727

Yea, @The_Geniusman is right, just go into unicom, make sure there is not traffic, and announce your cross.

Just did it when the runway was clear no reports so far


If you got a report for crossing a rnwy without interfering with anyone you should be able to get it reversed.


Sorry you are incorrect on this one. Contact tower and await a crossing instruction. If you just cross an active runway without tower being aware you will be ghosted.


Is it different on expert? On training tower can only do that as part of the exit instructions.

No it’s not tower can give a runway crossing just like ground.

Yeah I stand corrected. I could have sworn it said they couldn’t in a tutorial

These is no request for tower

Nope but if you just cross you will be ghosted. This is honesty your best bet

Ok I will not do it next time

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