How to Create the Events

Hi IFC I wanna ask for you how to create the events for Infinite Flight Simulator Because I don’t know how to make it please help me with this if you are correct I will put solution!

Thank you



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I’ve checked and you’re a member (trust level 2) and all you need to do is go to the home page on IFC, click on ‘new topic’ and select the tab that says ‘general’ and scroll down and find ‘live-events’.

But I don’t know
Like this


this one?

I think there might be a guide somewhere, I’ll try to find it, there’s too much to explain here.

Ok fine thank you

This should help.

Adding on from @VH-OEJ_747

You can also just copy-paste a table from excel, google or any other document application of your choice. Discourse will format it for you, and it’s a lot easier.


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