How to create group pm

I’m pretty new on the IF community and recently became active
I’m still don’t know how to do everything 100%
My question is how do I create a PM group?

You go to your profile picture on the top right, click the envelope (which should be on the right side of the bell and bookmark) twice.

Then, on the left under “Summary,” there is a blue box saying “New Message.” Click on that and add the IFC members you want to send a group PM with.


Ok thank you

Hey! You are currently a trust level one user at this time and are unable to make group PMs. For now, you are only able to make direct PMs with one person or groups like the appeals group. Keep liking and contributing and you’ll get to trust level two in no time and will unlock this feature.


Yes I was asking because it’s for my first event

Understood. What I’d do in this case is PM an attending member who has a trust level two standing and maybe ask them to make a chat and add people to it as they have those capabilities.

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