How To Create An Infinite Flight Event

An official guide on how to create an Infinite Flight event

A revised official iteration on @Balloonchaser’s original tutorial

Hello & welcome to another Infinite Flight tutorial. It’s no secret that sometimes creating events can be a daunting and challenging task. That’s why today we’ll be providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to create your very own community event here on the Infinite Flight community forum. Let’s begin!


To begin, lets refresh on the official rules of the events category. It’s imperative that you comply with these rules to avoid your event being taken down. In addition to this, refreshing yourself on the rules may also answer some of the questions that you have with regards to creating an event, especially for the first time. Now that we’ve covered that, we can proceed to the first step.

Step one - The plan

The light bulb moment 💡

Think of a plan that spans from the start of the event all the way ----------» to the end of the event and keep a goal in mind. We recommend following the basic steps below…

  1. Choose your event type
  2. Choose a dep/arr airport
  3. Choose a date and time
  4. Choose an aircraft/livery that you’d like to feature
  5. Choose the server you’d like the event to take place on

Step Two - Starting a thread

In this section we will explain how format your thread and provide you with some formatting tips.

Naming the event

Well, it’s time to think of a name for your event! We recommend using a unique, creative title that stands out. Having said that, remember:

  • Titles cannot include sponsorship details, attendee numbers or anything in brackets
  • Titles must be under 120 characters
  • You must use tags - tags are used to subcategorise your events

The following tags can be used in this category:

Tag Name Purpose
#atc-needed ATC has not yet committed to this event and services are requested
#atc-staffed ATC has committed to staff this event
#casual This event will be held on the Casual Server
#training This event will be held on the Training Server
#expert This event will be held on the Expert Server

Example title: The Mega Boston Flyout!

Formatting your thread

How you format your thread is entirely up to you and you can get as creative as you want. However, you must ensure that you include the following:

  • Summary: Please describe your event in detail

  • Airports/route: Enter the name and ICAO code of the airport(s) that the event starts from and finishes at

  • Photos: We suggest you add photos and media to attract attention to this event

  • The Create event function located in the settings cog of the toolbar just underneath the title the title you just created :)

  • Time Well… the time of your event! You can add this with the create event function

Create Event function

It’s very important to use this feature to gauge interest, add your event to the calendar, display your event in everybody’s local time and to show a countdown to indicate when the event is starting/active/finished. Using the Create event dialog box will insert some bbcode similar to this:

[event start="2022-12-24 17:00" status="public" name="flying home for Christmas" timezone="Europe/London" end="2022-12-25 16:00" allowedGroups="trust_level_0"]

See examples below:


Advanced formatting

Okay… So, you want to take advantage of discourses formatting tools, show off your skills and create even more of an awesome event? Discourse formatting can look rather confusing at first. But, learning these formatting skills really pays off!

How To Use The Infinite Flight Community || Formatting Guide

Step Three - Publishing your event

Well if you’ve made it this far congratulations! It’s almost time to publish your event to the entirety of the Infinite Flight community. BUT, hold your horses… don’t get too carried away. Before you publish, here are some final tips:

  • Double check that you’re able to run the event on the date/time you’ve selected. Remember, you can only postpone once!
  • PLAN B! Have contingency plan in mind. If all fails and you urgently need to postpone the event, have an idea of what date & time you’re going to push the event back to
  • self-assess your thread Read over your thread to ensure its 100% how you want it to be & iron out any mistakes that you might have made

Once your satisfied, go wild!

Now for the extras…

Pro tips

Here’s our advice when it comes to creating an event!

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  • Post well thought out events. The more thorough the event is, the more appealing it may be. For example, you could include airport diagrams to help pilots navigate their way around your chosen airport(s)
  • We advise that you don’t cancel your events unless necessary. Cancelling your events may lead to a bad reputation if you’re trying to make frequent events and grow them organically. People generally don’t like signing up for events that get cancelled. Be sure to free up the time!
  • Partner up with VAs/VOs
  • Post something that you think the community would want. This could be an event to celebrate a certain update for example
  • Make it exciting! Throw in some trivia. Who doesn’t love learning something new?
  • Consider posting an event a irreversible action. In other words make it the best it can be and follow through with it!
  • Create eye catching graphics for the thread to make it an appealing read

Community-inspired events

Our team will be on the lookout for new and exciting events to promote on our social media channels. Not only that, but it’s our goal to find quality events to occasionally stream on our YouTube channel. Instead of only sticking to events created in-house, we will tap into the amazing creativity already alive here in our community!

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How You Can Contribute

While it’s impossible to feature all events, or even promise to cover all virtual airlines and organizations, there are some tips you can follow when creating events.

  • Follow the #live:events category rules closely!
  • Follow the ATC schedule, which is usually pinned globally and to the top of the #atc category
  • Run your event on the expert server (or all servers)
  • Do not use gate assignments or any other means of excluding participants
  • Do not use any kind of signup method (event should be open to all)
  • Use a large, 3D airport as your departure field to accommodate large numbers of participants
  • Be reliable! Follow through with your event so we know we can count on you for more

We usually start considering events for next month at the end of the current month (e.g. end of April for events in May) so it helps if you have already published your event by then (within the 60 day limit). Don’t worry if you haven’t as we will still try to add events after the ATC Schedule is published!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can I get more people to attend my event?
  • Make it interesting! As motioned in the pro tips section, make it exciting and create something you think the community may want
  • Host the event on a date where activity is usually higher. This tends to be Friday to Sunday.
  • Host the event at a reasonable time. Time zones are generally hard to cater for. However, we recommend scheduling your events around the 1500Z to 2300Z mark.
  • Promote through your social media platforms!
Why can't I create an event?

Only TL2 members and above can post in this category.

To increase your trust level, all you have to do is contribute positively to the community and visit the forum on a regular basis. It’s as easy as that!

How can I get ATC at my event?

IFATC members are encouraged to staff all community events around the world! While events aren’t featured on the schedule, community members may use the schedule locations to create future events with guaranteed traffic!

Be sure to use the tag #atc-needed. ATC needed will of course indicate that the event isn’t yet staffed and that your interested in ATC services. Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee coverage as IFATC get to choose as and when they control. Providing ATC at your event is a great way to entice more pilots.

How do I choose a route for my event?

Understandably choosing a route can be difficult. Ultimately its up to you. However, make sure you pick an airport that can cater for a high volume of traffic in the event that you have a great turnout and many pilots wish to join. You could match the route to one that you’ve flown in real life or visit one of the following sites for ideas:

What does it mean to have my event officially featured?

If your event is chosen to be featured, we will:

  • Advertise on our Official Discord channel before and during the event
  • Add it to the ATC Schedule
  • Highlight it on our social media channels
  • Pin the event topic to the IFC
  • Feature the event on the in-app home screen
Can I contact Moderators or Staff to get my event featured?

For the time being we are hand picking events so please avoid contacting the team for this reason.

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