How to create an event

Creating an event is more simple than it looks. I will show you a picture and then explain how to create an event.

First, lets look at the title:

Example Event @ ICAO 112222ZMON33

Example Event: This should be the name of the event itself. Examples: Formation Flying, Zello ATC, ATC Practise, etc.

ICAO: The ICAO code for the airport the event is/is starting at. Examples: KNUC, KSAN, TNCM, WSSS, etc.

11: 11 is an example number. This should be the day of the month. Example: If the event was the 30th of June, you should write ‘30’

2222Z: 2222 is an example number. This should be the events time in ZULU time. (Always use ZULU time)

MON: MON means Month. Example: The event is the 30th of June, write JUN instead of MON.

33: 33 is an example number. It should be the year the event is taking place. This year is 2016, so it should just be 16 (Never show the 20)

Now, in the post, write in all necessary information in the format (Which should appear automatically) The server, region, airport, time and most importantly NOTAM. The NOTAM is basically what you will do at the event and what the event is about. Make sure to include great detail in the NOTAM and even better, screenshots.

Hope this tutorial helped. Thanks for reading.


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