How to create an approach and landing program?

How to make the plane descend automatically?
How to make the plane doing auto approach?

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For a plane to descend automatically you need to have filed a flight plan, and have entered altitudes to descend to. This is usually done while you’re still parked at the gate, before you even push back and start your engines.

You can read more about it and watch a video on how to file a flight plan here:

After you do that, and after you take off, you turn on your autopilot (AP) and turn on LNAV, so that the plane will follow your flight plan. Just before you’re ready to descend, you can also turn on VNAV, so that the plane will descend to the altitudes entered in your flight plan.

Here’s some more information about how to plan your descent:

For a plane to make an automatic landing or autoland, you need to enable APPR mode in your autopilot, as you line up with the runway on your final approach. A very good, detailed tutorial on how to use APPR mode for automatic landings can be found here:

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