How to create a virtual airline?

How do i create a virtual airline?

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Please note that you need to be at least Trust Level 2 (Member) to apply. I can see that you are a basic user (TL1) at the moment so you need to engage with the community more in order to reach it. You also need to make sure that the VA hasn’t been taken yet and that it isn’t copyrighted



Glad to hear you are interested in joining our VA/VO community. Feel free to check out our website that some have linked above ( and do the following:

  1. Choose what VA/VO you wish to create
  2. Please view our banned VA/VO section to clarify it is very well an option, and if not what you can alter to allow it (varies from airline to airline some do not allow use at all).
  3. Please check our active VA/VO list on our page, and confirm there is not another one currently active. You can also as a suggestion view our current pending applications that show reserved spots for VA/VOs entering the process.
  4. If you succeed through the previous steps, please submit an application to our team via our website while heeding to all further requirements listed on our website (I did not list them all here).

Please Note our team is reserves the right to reject an application if it does not meat criteria listed on our website, or of the general requirements I listed above. Multiple application submissions will be considered spam unless proven it was involuntary. The leadership also reserves the right if deemed necessary.

I look forward to hearing more about your interests in VA/VOs in the following section allocated to queries:

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