How to create a topic?

I’m new in the community and I don’t know how to create a new topic. For exemple I wanna create a new feature topic and there are no “new topic” button. Only a grey and not functional “open draft”

@IFCaptainNore You have to be trust Level 2 to create a new topic. PM me and we can talk more about this.


You just made one
You need to be a certain TL to post in some topics

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Well, you just created one XD

But for features, yes, you have to be the correct trust level (TL2+) in order to create a feature request. Make sure it is not a duplicate though. Those you can search for first and give them your vote.

Oh come on @AviationJack, you beat me to it XD


Thanks and how to improve your Trust Level?

How to improve this TL?

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Stop laughing at me LOL. I’m new here and I don’t know how it is working that’s all…

Yeah, just a little joke
That’s all
Sorry if you took that as an offense

Keep contributing to the community and helping it become better and you will see your TL2 and “Member” badge in no time.

Also, if there is a feature you want, make sure to search for it in the search bar in the top right hand corner to make sure it is not already there before making a new one. It’s better to give your vote to that one first.


you kinda wait… but also be nice on the community

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Hi, welcome to the community I would have a look at this for more information on the form.

You need to be trust level 2 to creat a feature request, just read, like and comment on post around the community and you will reach it in no time.

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Don’t worry I was joking too ;) and yeah thanks I’m trying to be very active. Hom many time did you take to become TL2?

Okay thanks dude :)

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